Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Learning the seo trade

Making a living as an SEO reseller is so much bigger than landing clients and closing deals. If your entire SEO business comes from constantly finding new customers, your profits will not gain the snowball-momentum of having long-term clients paying for continued SEO services, while adding new clients who pay for initial services and then stick around to become long-term clients that pay for continued SEO services, and then adding more new clients, and so on.

If you want sustainable, growing SEO reseller profits of gaining new clients and maintaining old ones, you should immerse yourself in our list of 5 steps to SEO reseller profits:

5 Steps to SEO Reseller Profits That Every Reseller Should Know

  1. Become an SEO Expert
    Many people who use a white label SEO reseller service work provide other online marketing services, such as web development, and decide to outsource the SEO piece because it’s not a tool in their tool belt. Outsourcing SEO doesn’t mean that you’re leaving your business in the hands of a babysitter, so you can go do better things. In order to keep loyal SEO clients, who are giving you a regular paycheck for SEO services, you need to be deeply rooted in SEO products, and constantly leveraging your knowledge to keep it valuable to your clients. For this reason, it’s great to use an SEO firm that offers continual training on the world of SEO.
  2. Educate Yourself on What Keeps Google Happy
    Google is the sun that all SEO services revolve around. If you get too aggressive with your SEO tactics, you could cross a line that will burn you (and your client). On the other hand, if you’re frozen in standard SEO practices that are out of touch with Google’s current guidelines, you’ll lose the effectiveness of it. Either way, you won’t keep clients coming back if you are not acutely dialed in on Google updates. Make sure your SEO firm’s strategy is intrinsically aligned with Google Webmaster guidelines.
  3. Emphasize Customer Service

    While your SEO firm is providing the SEO products, your face is what the client will associate with their satisfaction level. Be proactive about establishing rapport with your clients, identifying issues, providing solutions, and keeping their satisfaction. This is part of your business that you cannot outsource to your SEO firm.
  4. Leverage the Numbers
    SEO is a marathon game. Your clients don’t just click “pay now” and then instantly land first result in their Google search. Hopefully you’ve set realistic expectations with them when selling them SEO services, but to keep them aware of the progress being made before they reach the results they want, give them regular reports, so that the numbers show what they’re paying for. Your SEO firm should have good reporting tools, so you can present metrics to your clients to keep them engaged and sticking with you in the long game.

  5. Find the Perfect Price Point
    It’s a no-brainer that you want to keep your margins as high as possible. It’s a delicate balance though, to keep your profit margins high enough to make good money, while low enough that your client’s don’t run away in sticker shock. Once again, until you develop a finely-tuned sense of competitive pricing, this is something your SEO firm should help you with.
  6. Do you have any other tips to add to our golden list of “5 Steps to SEO Reseller Profits”? Please shout them out in the comment section below.

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