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temperatures are warming and the days are becoming longer, which means it’s time for some house cleaning. If you’re anything like many will have an endless list of tasks to get done around your home. However, don’t forget the gutters!

Cleaning your gutters isn’t the most exciting task to do, but you must do often to ensure that your gutters clean and in great form. Gutters that are blocked can result in a number of problems that include water damage to your home foundation, foundation issues, and possibly even pest infestations.

What is the frequency you have to clear your gutters throughout the year? The answer is dependent on a myriad different factors, like the kind of trees that surround your house and the quantity of rainfall in your region. You should clean your gutters minimum of once per calendar year.

You aren’t sure which direction to take? Here are some ideas to help you clean your gutters efficiently:

Make sure you have the proper tools. A ladder is required, a garden hose, and smaller scoops or trowels. Avoid using pressure washers and pressure washers as they may cause damage to your gutters.

Begin by removing the twigs at the bottom of your drain, close to downspout. To clean up leaves, twigs, and other particles, make use of the trowel or scoop. Make your way toward the downspout. Then clear the gutter by flushing it with the water from your garden hose.

Be sure to inspect the downspout. Verify that the water is flow freely down the drain away from the house. If the downspout is clogged you can use your trowel or scoop to get rid of the debris.

Repeat the procedure at any time. Depending on the condition of your gutters, you may need to repeat this process several times a time throughout the year. The need for cleaning your gutters less frequently if you live close to trees.

These guidelines will help keep your gutters in good shape and help prevent foundation issues and water damage. So don’t forget to add gutter cleaning on your household to-do list!

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