Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Investing in SEO for a business website is crucial and more important than ever.  If a company is wanting to succeed and have an online presence and position, they have to constantly need to be on top of how traffic is getting to the site.

What is SEO?

Before delving in if you need an SEO reseller, let’s look at the basics.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it basically affects how and when your website will show up as an option for results when a user types in a keyword for search engine to look for.  Putting SEO into work requires looking at how search engines work and the keywords that people put in to find information about.

Web traffic is driven mainly by Google, Bing and Yahoo!.  When a person performs a search, the engine runs rapid, trying to find websites that contain the results to the users search and second, the search engine will provide the results based on the popularity of the website.   In general, the websites that appear high up on the list are those that get the most traffic to their site which means better profitability.

There are two types of SEO:  White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.  Think of White Hat or White Label SEO as good and Black Hat as evil.  The reason behind this is White Hat SEO uses methods to improve rankings within the search engine guidelines that have been set by Google.  White Hat provides long lasting results.  Black Hat SEO does not adhere to the industry guidelines and only provides short-lasting results in your website result ranking.

What is an SEO Reseller?

With your business, you may not always have an SEO expert on your staff and nor do you have the time to train or the budget to hire someone to do SEO.  In addition, if you are a marketing or design agency and SEO services are something that is offered to your client as part of a package, again, you don’t have an expert on staff as you can outsource SEO services.  Hiring these services can be quicker because these companies have a team that can work together on your account and may be able to work various shifts. These services are generally cheaper than hiring an extra employee and by using a company, you are benefiting from their skill specific knowledge and expertise.

When choosing a company, take the time to do your research.  This is your reputation that you are putting in the hands of another and so you want to make sure that you find someone who will take the time to understand the needs of your business and that of your client.

  • What do I get for my money?  What does the SEO Reseller program include? Do you get support if something goes wrong?  What reports do you receive and are they included in the pricing?
  • Who is doing the SEO?  Ask to meet the team who will be working with your business as well as your main point of contact.  They should want to have a meeting so that they understand who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish as a business.  Don’t hire a business who will outsource SEO to another country as you will not get quality in return.  Hiring a local SEO reseller is typically recommended as they understand your market.
  • Search for the Company in Google.  Type in the name of the company into the search engine see how they rank in the results. If they rank well and they come up, chances are they know what they are doing and will provide quality service.  Choose a company that has been in business for at least a few years and has good reviews.
  • Customer service.  Ensure that the company you are going to use has customer service and support that is available when needed.  By not doing the SEO in-house, you want to make sure that the company you are working with can easily respond to issues with your SEO reseller plan or figure out why the SEO may not be working or ranking the way you thought it would.

How Does SEO Go Wrong?

You will know when and if you have problems because your rank will drop when you do an engine search.  This is mainly due to wrong or obscure SEO words being used.  A reputable company will immediately try to research the keywords and get your ranking increased, which can take a bit of time but should happen.

Reap the Benefits

In today’s digital and social media-driven world, building a great website and using the right SEO to increase traffic is one of the main ways to increase the profitability of your business.  SEO Reselling is beneficial in both time and money which allows you to continue to concentrate on other demands of your business as well as providing your own great customer support.

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