Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

The more frequently leather furniture is used, the higher its wear. Fading can accumulate over the lifespan of your furniture, especially in rooms where there is a lot of sunlight. Instead of replacing the worn-out furniture, you can follow these steps to bring back your furniture’s leather to new conditions.

First, make sure to get at least three different colors of spray for leather. You can match different leather coatings and shades to create your best results.

Choose the lightest shade available and apply the spray approximately a foot away. Be sure not to spray the region, but instead give it some light coverage. Be careful that you don’t get the threads trapped. The first coat should dry before applying the second coat.

Continue to layer on building up to deeper shades as you go. Make sure to apply small bursts starting from around one 1 foot away. For a longer life span of the color, seal it with a sealing agent after you’ve finished your darkest layer.

The process of fading is part being a leather owner. It doesn’t mean you need to remove the flaking. The repair can be done within about 10 minutes using this procedure. To see a video guide to the process you can watch the video above.


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