Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

It’s easy to travel to this region via car but it offers a rare moment to appreciate nature’s splendor. Saranac Lake is a popular destination for Rochester tourists. Most people who visit Saranac Lake are unaware of what’s happening in the shadows to protect the natural beauty of Saranac Lake. The region is currently under environmental remediation to get rid of coal-related sediment. In this video, we will discuss how and why the coal is there.

The region was once home to an oil refinery that made use of coal from the 1800s. Byproducts of coal have affected groundwater and soils, and spread to other areas. It is the reason that remediation activities must be carried out to eliminate all of the contamination and to prevent it from spreading further. Also, it is important to keep dust at the spot and to maintain the control of odors. For Rochestarians it’s good information, since once the project is complete, visitors of Saranac Lake will be able to take advantage of the wonders it has to give. 75eu1evhtd.

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