Wed. May 22nd, 2024

hear. There are also people who suffer injuries from accidents and must endure hearing problems. Learn more about cochlear implants in this informative video.

The field of medical science over the past few years which have created the possibility of someone who lost his hearing to be able to regain hearing. Through a cochlear implant this has been made possible.

There are many certified cochlear implant doctor within the medical profession who can assist both men and children women regain their hearing. The cochlear Implant has an electric device that can electrically stimulate either the hearing or cochlear nerve.

The implant is both external and internal. It is located on the inside of the part of the ear. The outside part is put behind the ear. It is able to detect sounds and then processes them. It relays the information back to the internal implant. It’s not difficult, but people often confound it with hearing aids. Hearing aids are not implants and can be put outside the ear.

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