Wed. May 22nd, 2024

What does it actually mean? What does a neuropathy actually mean? with the nervous system, which controls how we move or feel and even experience suffering. The peripheral nerves carry data from the fingertips to our toes as well as to nerves that are located in the farthest regions of our bodies . They also transmit information to our nerves. In this video, we will discuss the appearance of neuropathy and what symptoms could be caused by it.

Motor nerves transmit messages from the brain to the body that tells it what to do. sensory nerves transmit information to the brain telling it what things feel like and where our limbs are found within space. They are the way our bodies move and function. The term “neuropathy” refers to the condition where the nerves in the peripheral nerves get damaged. This causes disruption of the link between the hands, brain and feet. The pain may appear on your fingers or experience the sensation of running on pins and needles, for no plausible reason. A neuropathy could be caused by genetics. But other instances, it’s caused by an imbalance in vitamins, prolonged exposure to alcohol or chemotherapy.


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