Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

nsive insurance will cover it. The coverage pays for repair or replacing your car to the actual cash value. Therefore, comprehensive insurance makes sensible if you have relatively new car that holds a considerable amount of value.

Comprehensive insurance is not required however it could be an option in the event of a vehicle loan. This insurance should not be confused with collision coverage. You should know that liability insurance, though the most basic, does not guarantee damage to people. Comprehensive collision insurance or collision insurance will compensate for any damage your vehicle sustains. The collision policy only compensates for damage due to a collision which include when you collide with an automobile or other object. In contrast, comprehensive insurance pays for damage that result from theft of cars as well as damage caused by fire or the weather which aren’t related to crashes.

Medical Payments Coverage

MedPay is a shortened version of the medical expense coverage. MedPay can be included in the auto insurance policy. This type of coverage is only available in those states that do not offer personal injury protection. As the name suggests, this coverage is designed to help pay medical bills for you or your passengers if you sustain injuries in a car accident while occupying the car insured. Medical expenses which are covered include hospitals visits, nursing services as well as X-rays and surgery and ambulance fees. This kind of insurance could be compulsory or optional, according to the state you live in. Medical payments coverage in most states isn’t required.

This means that if your auto liability insurance isn’t in place, medical costs will be paid by your insurance provider. The auto liability insurance won’t pay these expenses but will help pay medical bills for anybody else.


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