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It also illustrates the numerous ways that a pool contractor has to undergo to create a swimming pool.

Step 1 is to prep the layout for the pool, site as well as excavation.
This video shows how to build a rectangular-shaped pool of granite. It measures 24 feet by 18 feet.

Step 2 is to install the plumbing and any electricity required.

The third step is the setting of shotcrete by a swimming pool contractor. It all happens inside the pool.

Fourth step is to install the decking around the pool.

The fifth step involves laying any tiles needed.

Step 6 involves focusing on the irrigation. You must determine the method for water delivery to your pool. Fences around your pool are essential to prevent unwanted visitors.

Step 7 involves putting the cement inside the pool.

It’s time to add water to the pool. The cost of the project was $55,000, and took approximately three months. 76gqycpecs.

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