Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

These past years have been a challenging time. One could easily believe that the era of viruses is complete. Yet, they continue to grow. Covid is one example of how they expand and evolve to defeat remedies. There are many strains of Corona especially, ranging from the first and second waves, to Omicron and Delta varieties. The most recent strain of Covid that is present and expanding is known as BA2 Omicron, and this video will help us understand about what it is able to do.

Researchers are divided regarding the true effects of these effects of the Omicron BA2 variant. Many believe it can pose a threat to every scientific advancement made to fight against Covid and other co-infections, the World Health Organization, or WHO states that this variant is more easily transmissible, but not more lethal than previous strains. But, it is important to note that it is imperative to be very careful about our big indoor gatherings. Be safe by wearing a mask as well as taking a vaccine, because WHO states that this vaccine helps to block the harmful effects of this new strain.


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