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nts, tendons, and ligaments. It is used for treating injury from sport, for example, ACL tear, or injuries caused to falls and repetition of joint movements.

The purpose of orthopedic physical therapy is to improve flexibility and range of motion , and also to increase strength. This involves stretching and endurance exercises, as well as strengthening joint mobilization and electric muscle stimulation.

Geriatric Physical Therapy

Geriatric physical therapy is one type of physiotherapy that involves the movements of seniors. It is utilized for treating osteoporosis and balance issues along with joints pain, Alzheimer’s and other conditions. It is also used after joint replacement procedures. The principal goal of geriatric therapeutic physiotherapy is to assist in recovering mobility, increase physical fitness, and alleviate pain in elderly people who have been through the normal aging process.

Therapy for wounds

Wound care therapy is a field of physiotherapy that is involved in treating wound injuries. Therapists collaborate with patients and caregivers for the purpose of providing PT interventions that help improve functionality and move post-recovery.

Physical therapists who treat wounds are also able to speed up the healing process as well as reduce scarring, and ease discomfort. They can also help to build endurance and strength of the muscles and tissues in the affected. For wounds that don’t heal, such as diabetes, pressure or surgical, can utilize treatments for wound care.

Vestibular Therapy

Vestibular therapy, a form of physiotherapy, concentrates on the treatment and management of vestibular problems (inner ears) which may affect movement and balance, coordination and mobility. This includes vertigo. The treatment involves strengthening the muscles that support the body’s the balance and stability of your body.

Physical therapy after an injury What you need to know about it

Then, why is physical therapy important after an injury? There is no need to take any medicine, get back at home or undergo an operation.


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