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an entry point to the remainder of your body. Everything you eat or drink will pass through the mouth. All bacteria present in your mouth could eventually get into your body and create difficulties. To keep your mouth healthy you must keep your teeth healthy.

Proper oral hygiene can help you build and maintain healthy gums. It reduces your risk of developing lung disease and heart attack. The treatment of dental plaque prevents build-up that causes inflammation and lessens the likelihood of developing gum illness. The disease can cause swelling and increase the number of cancer cells.

Consistent oral hygiene practices protect you from a myriad of health problems. Dental hygiene can help reduce the chance of suffering from strokes, high blood pressure, and gum disease. More than the cure for bad breath.

The Key Statistics

The World Health Organization estimates that up to 90% children suffer from dental decay. The study also found that 10% of all adult patients suffer from oral cancer in a year. Up to 100% of adult patients suffer from tooth decay at least one time during their lives.

It is also found that 20 percent of people aged 35-44 suffer from severe gum disease. In addition, 30 percent of those 65-74 are missing all of their natural teeth. These statistics highlight the importance of good oral hygiene.

The Center for Disease Control estimates that 26% of American suffer from gum disease that is not treated. About 46% of those over 30 have indicators and signs that indicate the gum disease. Gum issues are common and are the cause of tooth loss and oral cancer.

Gum disease is a cause of numerous chronic illnesses and can weaken immunity. This condition causes problems with the jaw joint. An impaired immune system creates autoimmune diseases like osteoporosis among women. This condition is more frequent among pregnant women, and could be detrimental to the health of the child.

The research shows that emergency or not planned dental care can trigger school closures of up to 34 millions of hours. In addition, untreated teeth cause production losses that amount to $45 billion in the US.


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