Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Search engine optimization

Online marketing has made search engine optimization (SEO) an important part of any company’s success. Sites like Google scour the internet looking for quality websites that it can place on the first page of their search engine results page (SERP) for users to find. There are more than 100 billion searches conducted online every month, and out of these, only about 75 percent of users look beyond the first page of a SERP. This makes it vital for companies to utilize SEO strategies to increase their search engine rankings, and gain visibility.

SEO companies use different strategies that create organic ways for users to locate a client’s website. This can be important because about 75 percent of users ignore paid ads, and prefer organic results. SEO leads also cost 60 percent less than outbound leads like cold calling, which can save a business money on marketing. The use of web design is also an SEO tool. By optimizing the site’s content, and making sure that it is user-friendly, there is a higher chance that users will visit a website more often. Making a site interactive is another way to induce traffic. Google’s doodles have gained fame because of their ability to hook a user’s attention with sharp graphics and videos. The first doodle, the Burning Man, meant to tell users that the co-founders were out of the office attending a famous Nevada festival. Google also joined the tweeting world to interact with users when it sent out its first tweet in 2009 that was code for “I’m feeling lucky.”

Google has also found ways to crack down on keyword stuffing and other black-hat SEO techniques that try to push poor quality website to the top of their SERP. SEO companies stay abreast of this information by continuously sharing information, especially on SEO blogs. There are several SEO blogs that give information about SEO-related topics, such as SEO news, link building, and other discussions that might be of concern. Bloggers track Google’s PageRank updates, how to create better content for clients and how SEO will fare in the coming year. Other SEO blogs offer advice about what to do if a page disappears from a search engine, or how SEO experts can organize their leads. With hundreds of other blogs available to SEO companies, they are able to interact with the larger SEO community and stay informed about the best ways to help their clients increase their search engine ranking, and be successful.

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