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Who would have thought that when Google was first conceived, it would one day become a verb synonymous with internet searches. In fact, Google receives about 70 percent of all internet market share, which underscores how important it is to utilize the best SEO tools to increase your search engine ranking.

Search engine rankings are so vital so the success of a company and its website. The reason this is so is because natural, or organic, search results (as opposed to pay per click) are what internet users select 70 percent of the time. Not only that, but organic click through rates have a 25 percent higher lead conversion rate than pay per click, and, very few users ever scroll to the second page of a SERP.

So what are three of the most imperative internet marketing strategies you should be employing today? Read on for the secrets.

  1. Mobilize Your SEO
  2. A whopping 65 percent of internet users rely on their smartphone or tablet devices to find local businesses. Considering that industry experts are claiming that by 2014, mobile internet usage is expected to surpass desktop internet usage, making your site as mobile friendly as possible is internet marketing rule number one.

  3. Make Your Content Smarter
  4. Incorporating keywords, albeit important, of course, is not the only trick in the search engine optimization box. Search engine spiders seek out consistently fresh and relevant content that consumers are reading … and sharing, which brings us to internet marketing secret number two.

  5. Get Social
  6. By upping your social networking presence (via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, you name it), you are increasing your chances of getting noticed. In addition, the more often your content is shared, it increases the number of links to your site. Hint … search engines love backlinks, too.

So in summation, the leads you get from an internet search can garner a 2,000 percent increase in traffic to your site, which has the potential to increase your bottom line by 40 percent. Are there any internet marketing strategies not mentioned that you would like to tell us about? Please share your comments below!

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